Poppy YCW16

Poppy, named one of Geekwire’s Seattle 10, is a fast-growing tech startup based in Seattle. Poppy finds and vets the best caregivers in every community. Parents join Poppy and are matched with caregivers when they need them. Poppy is a mission-driven company that is using data and technology to rebuild the village that every family deserves.

Front End Web Developer (React)
Full-Stack Engineer

Outlier (

We don’t believe the world needs any more dashboards, charts or data warehouses. What leaders need today is help to make better use of the tools they already have. That is what we do at Outlier: we improve the relationship between people and their data.

We are a family friendly company founded by experienced entrepreneurs who understand that building a company is a marathon and not a sprint. The positions we have available are detailed below.

Software Engineer
Data Scientist