Tech Lifestyle with Jessica Naziri

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Jessica Naziri is a Tech Expert, Entrepreneur, and an accomplished writer in Tech. Her work has been featured in LA Times, CNBC, USA Today, CNN among others. Jessica has reviewed numerous tech products and helped brands tell their story and market themselves. We talked about what makes a good product, and why some are not successful. Jessica explained the intersection between fashion and technology and what to consider when building a product for this space. After working at a startup, Jessica learned to code on her own and founded TechSesh. Jessica is also working on improving diversity in tech by having more women work in this field.

Jessica Naziri writes about technology and business and is founder of TechSesh

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How do we get more women in tech? – Jessica Naziri interviews Megan Smith


Robot Teams with Nora Ayanian

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A team of robots can accomplish tasks that a single robot can’t. They can be in charge of dangerous tasks that are difficult for humans to do and help society. Nora Ayanian, Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Southern California explains how robots can work as a team. Nora talked about the components of building a team of robots and gave examples of tasks that they can do as well as the current challenges in this space.

Nora Ayanian builds teams of robots.

Photo by Damon Casarez
Video by MIT Technology Review

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Nora Ayanian

To build better machines, a roboticist goes far outside her field for guidance.


Path to Programming with Preethi Kasireddy

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Preethi Kasireddy is a Software Engineer with a passion for sharing everything she learns. In this episode Preethi explained how she learned to code in her free time and her experience at a boot camp in San Francisco. Preethi also talked about one of the first projects she built and her initiative to start an email-based course targeted at advanced beginner and intermediate programmers.

Preethi Kasireddy taught herself to code while working at a16z.

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Software Engineering Daily Interview “Venture Capital to Software Engineering with Preethi Kasireddy”

Preethi Kasireddy’s Medium Blog

“Learn the Fundamentals of Functional Programming – for free, in your inbox” by Preethi Kasireddy


Test Automation with Angie Jones

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Angie Jones is a Consulting Automation Engineer at LexisNexis. Angie explained what test automation is and its importance in the Software Development process. We talked about merging the role of Software Developer and Software Tester and its consequences. We also explored topics on tooling and testing with headless browsers. Angie also highlighted the process of collaboration across multidisciplinary teams.

Angie Jones is a Consulting Automation Engineer.

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Angie Jones


Web Animation with Val Head

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Web Animation can have personality and character, just like Disney Animation. Val Head, UI Animation Pro, talks about applying Disney Animation principles to web animations. We talked about creating effective and immersive animations by using CSS and javascript. Val also explained what aspects of web animations can lead to poor performance. At the we had an interesting discussion about the future of web animation.

Val is the author of “Designing Interface Animation” and is Co-founder of Web Animation Workshops.

Val Head is UI Animation Pro and author of “Designing Interface Animation”.

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Designing Interface Animation
The UI Animation Newsletter
Web Animation Workshops


Wearables with Asta Roseway

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Asta Roseway is Research Designer in the Natural Interactions Group at Microsoft Research. Asta works on designing wearables that are intuitive, engaging, and beautiful. We talked about DuoSkin, a wearable that looks like a beautiful metallic tattoo and its capabilities. Asta explained the different components of DuoSkin as well as potential applications. We also talked about the intersection between health, wearables, technology and fashion and where this is headed.

Asta Roseway with MoodWings, a wearable for detecting stress
DuoSkin a metallic tattoo that can connect to devices

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Asta Roseway
Asta Roseway Microsoft Research


Secure Programming with Jean Yang

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Security vulnerabilities are an important concern in systems. When we specify that we want certain information hidden for example our phone number or our date of birth, we expect the system to hide the information. However, this doesn’t always happen due to human error in the code because programmers have to write checks and filters across the program. In this episode Jean Yang, Assistant professor at the Computer Science Department in Carnegie Mellon, presents Jeeves, a language that allows programmers to specify security policies more intuitively making it harder to leak information that is meant to be protected. Jean explained how Jeeves was implemented and how it can be used. We also talked about what it takes to bring research concepts from academia to the industry and at the end we had a very interesting conversation on how to educate a broader audience on the importance of security. Jean was also named one of the 35 innovators under 35 by MIT Technology Review.

Jean Yang is Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University

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Jean Yang:
Jeeves Programming Language:
Liquid Haskell:
MIT Technology Review Innovator under 35: