Chaos Engineering with Tammy Bütow

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Chaos Engineering introduces failures across a system. This helps us evaluate how are system will perform when a failure occurs. Tammy Bütow, Principal Site Reliability Engineer at Gremlin, explains why Chaos Engineering emerged. We talked about the different types of chaos that can be introduced to a system: DNS related attacks, black hole attacks and database attacks. Tammy highlighted the importance of a Service Level Agreement and went over its components. The discussion continued with topics around what metrics to collect for monitoring, incident management, being on-call and tracking down an issue.

Tammy Bütow, Principal Site Reliability Engineer at Gremlin

Gremlin partnered with the Cloud Native Foundation (CNCF) to offer five diversity and inclusion grants. Apply here by July 31st!


Show Notes:
Get Started with Chaos Engineering
Principles of Chaos
Dropbox outage post-mortem
The Netflix Simian Army


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