Healthcare Wearables with Haiyan Zhang

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Wearables are everywhere. In the medical field they are transforming lives. Haiyan Zhang, Innovation Director at Microsoft Research, created a wearable for a young graphic designer that developed Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s is a condition that inhibits movement, and this wearable allows the Parkinson’s patient to write and draw again. Haiyan explained the research process and the technical aspects of how it works.

We also talked about the Internet of Things, the components of these systems and the technical challenges. Haiyan also explained her path from Software Engineering to Design and the process of commercializing products that come from research.

Haiyan Zhang, Innovation Director at Microsoft Research

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Show Notes:

How IOT and data is changing lives – Rob Fraser and Haiyan Zhang on Channel 9

The Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve – Haiyan Zhang

Meet Emma – BBC The Big Life Fix video

Microsoft Research – Haiyan Zhang



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4 thoughts

  1. I am a 57 yr old disabled veteran with Parkinson’s and would be interested in any prototype testing. I work for Disabled American Veterans (DAV) in Florida


  2. My mom is 85 can’t write.
    How do I get one of these watches so she can write for the short time she has?
    Look forward to hearing from you.


  3. Congratulations for the interview Edaena, and with your research Haiyan Zhang, Outstanding results! The Parkinson disease is very unique, and annoying disturbance for the patient, i do have relatives that share these disease and suffer with it. As an researcher of Active Noise Control (ANC) here in Brazil, I was very surprised by the results of “Emma Watch”! I thought that it was used a similar system of adaptive FeedForward LMS Control system as used in ANC. Well, without further ado, my congratulations again for the beautiful initiative, and for this great achievement for society!
    I know it’s asking too much … but I would like to be able to exchange more information about the control system that was used for academic purposes. Thanks in advance. Best Regards


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