AI in Voice Forensics with Rita Singh

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In the United States, when people have a life threatening emergency, they can make a call and get immediate help from the authorities. On the other hand, people can make prank emergency calls and trigger an emergency response. This costs law enforcement billions of dollars each year. Because of these prank calls, some people that were in a real emergency did not get the resources on time and died. Rita Singh, Research Faculty at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon, works on profiling humans from their voice. This work is part of voice forensics driven by artificial intelligence.

Rita explains the information that is contained in a person’s voice, and how the physical environment can be derived. Her work resulted in successfully identifying a person that was making frequent prank emergency calls.

Rita Singh, Research Faculty at the School of Computer Science in Carnegie Mellon University



Show Notes:

Rita Singh

Voice Forensics to help Coast Guard nab hoax callers

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