Diversity Throughout the Decades with Andrea Taylor

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For today’s episode I went to the Microsoft Alumni event hosted at Microsoft in Redmond, and met with numerous bright people both former and current employees. One of them was Andrea Taylor, current CEO of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

Andrea comes from an interesting background as when she was very young witnessed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech on the National Mall. This event had a positive impact in her life, and we talked about the role that having a background in Civil Rights has played throughout her various positions in her career including at Microsoft.

Andrea gave an insight to her trajectory and the motivation for deciding to lead the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and work preserving the History of the United States and the Civil Rights Movement. Andrea also explained the initiatives that she worked on at Microsoft to make technology accessible to underprivileged people. We also talked about diversity and the types of activities that can help improve it in the technology field.

I really enjoyed talking to Andrea, and through sharing her experiences she helps others be more open and think about people from other backgrounds.



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