Ethics in AI with Francesca Rossi

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On March 27th I attended  the EmTech Digital conference in San Francisco. This conference is organized by the MIT Technology review who provide excellent insight into the technologies of the future. I have been reading their work since 2008 and it’s one of my favorite platforms to learn about technology and innovation.

At EmTech Digital I learned about the state of the art in Artificial Intelligence. One of the topics that I am interested in is Ethics in AI, and in today’s episode I talked with one of the presenters of the conference, Francesca Rossi. Francesca is Distinguished Research Staff Member at IBM research and we talked about the ethical implications of AI and the challenges of embedding an ethics module into this systems. As AI becomes more popular, we are going to start seeing more debates about ethics in AI and who should be involved in defining it.

Francesca Rossi on “AI and the Art of Social Responsibility” at the EmTech Digital Conference in San Francisco.

Photo by: MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital Conference

Show Notes:

AI and the Art of Social Responsibility – Francesca Rossi EmTech Talk

EmTech Digital Conference

MIT Technology Review

IBM Research


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