Programming Interviews

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This will be the last episode of the year. I’ll be back in January with some great episodes that I recorded at KubeCon in Austin Texas. This was a great year, I joined Microsoft Research, interviewed many people from the tech industry and got a chance to go to the Grace Hopper Conference. This is the biggest gathering of women in technology. This conference has talks from different tracks, ranging from technical to career development. There is also a big career fair, and attendees can be interviewed for internships and full time jobs.

When I was there I saw some attendees looked stressed and worried because of the job interviews. I overheard their concerns and talked with them and gave them some advice for technical job interviews, which is what this episode is about.

Edaena Salinas, Software Engineer II at Microsoft


Show Notes:

Big O Notation

How to pass a programming interview

Hacking a Google Interview – MIT

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