Empowering Technologists

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As women enter the technology field they can come across challenges to grow in their careers. Part of these challenges are because there are still not a lot of women in technology so we might encounter biases that affect our development and the tech community. Fortunately, as other women learn from their experiences, they have built support groups and platforms to help other women learn and grow in the tech industry. Seema Gururaj, Founder and CEO of Square Circle, talks about a powerful platform that she built to empower women technologists to become industry influencers. We are also joined by Maya Ackerman, Founder and CEO of WaveAI, and also a computer engineering professor at Santa Clara University. Maya talked about her work in artificial intelligence, and how Seema’s work has helped her in her career. Dima Ghawi, Executive Coach and Founder of a Consulting Company focused on advancing individuals in leadership, also joined us. Dima explained the role of networking in advancing your career and tips to improve in leadership. Dima has two decades of corporate experience at IBM, Intuit, and Merrill Lynch.

Seema Gururaj, Founder and CEO of Square Circle
Maya Ackerman, Founder and CEO of WaveAI
Dima Ghawi, Executive Coach






Show Notes:

Square Circle

Alysa – Songwriting AI

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