Cybersecurity Through the Decades

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Cybersecurity has been around for several decades. With technological advances also come more advanced attacks. Michele Guel, Distinguished Engineer and IoT Security Strategist at Cisco, has been in cybersecurity 20 years. She explained how the panorama has changed, the different types of attacks, and also what the security threats in IoT are. In this episode we were also joined by Mandy Galante, Cybersecurity Educator at Red Bank Regional High School. Mandy has been teaching cybersecurity since 2002. She explained how teaching cybersecurity has changed, the tools they use, and training competitions that kids can participate in. At the end we talked about Cyberstart, a program to educate young people about security through games and challenges.

Michele Guel, Distinguished Engineer at Cisco
Mandy Galante, Cybersecurity Educator at Red Bank Regional High School



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