Software Architecture (Stefania Stefansdottir)

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The process of designing a Software Architecture involves different aspects such as the type of project, the organization involved, the people involved and many others. Stefania Stefansdottir, Lead Developer and Consultant at ThoughWorks, explained through a series of examples what Software Architecture Design can consist of. We talked about how one can start tackling a project and the role of the architect and tech lead. Stefania also explained how to validate a solution and the risks of a project.

DSC00095 (1)
Stefania Stefansdottir, Lead Developer and Consultant at Thoughtworks


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O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference

Stefania Stefansdottir will be speaking at the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference on June 10-13 in San Jose, CA. The Software Architecture Conference is designed for anyone making architecture-level decisions—even if you don’t hold the architect title. Stay ahead of the latest trends in technologies, frameworks, and techniques in software architecture—and build the skills needed to advance your career. Save 20% using the promo code WIT (when registering for a Gold, Silver, or Bronze pass). Learn more at


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