Abie Award Series: Cryptography (Tal Rabin)

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Cryptography is fundamental to providing privacy and security over the internet. Tal Rabin, Head of Research of the Algorand Foundation, explained what cryptography is and the main ideas behind it. We talked about the building blocks of cryptography and how these can be used to build protocols and systems that provide privacy and security.

Tal Rabin is a researcher whose general area focuses on cryptography and, more specifically, on secure multiparty computation, threshold cryptography, and proactive security. She obtained Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Hebrew University, Israel in 1994. Tal worked at IBM Research in the cryptography group and managed it from 1997-2019.

In 2014, Tal Rabin was the recipient of the Abie Award for Innovation. Abie Awards are presented by AnitaB.org, a global non profit organization with a mission to help women in tech succeed. Abie awards honor and celebrate women who have led technical innovations and made a notable impact on business or society through technology. This series highlights their work. For more information about the Abie Awards, go to AnitaB.org

Tal Rabin, Head of Research of the Algorand Foundation

Tal Rabin – Anitab.org





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