Abie Award Series: Space Propulsion (Natalya Bailey)

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Space exploration allows us to understand our place in the universe. Natalya Bailey, CEO and Founder at Accion Systems, is on a mission to accelerate the exploration of space. We talked about satellite propulsion and advancements to make it more accessible. Natalya explained the different types of propulsion technologies: chemical propulsion and electric propulsion. We also talked about the process of developing a hardware product for space.

Natalya completed her doctorate in space propulsion at MIT where she helped invent the first working prototype of an ion engine technology for small satellites. She has an M.S. from Duke University and a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from San Diego State University

In 2019 Natalya was the recipient of the Emerging Technologist Abie Award. Abie Awards are presented by AnitaB.org, a global nonprofit with a goal of reaching 50/50 gender equity in tech by  2025.. Abie awards honor and celebrate women who have led technical innovations and made a notable impact on business or society through technology. This episode is part of a series of show that highlight the work of previous Abie Award Winners.

For more information about the Abie Awards, go to anitab.org

Natalya Bailey CEO and Founder of Accion Systems





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