Abie Award Series: Anthropology in Tech, and Mass Surveillance (Genevieve Bell)

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Understanding how people use technology across cultures around the world gives us valuable insights. Genevieve Bell, Anthropologist and Distinguished professor at The Australian National University, talked about her work in anthropology and technology. Genevieve has been working in technology since the 1990s. We talked about her time working in silicon valley, particularly at Intel, where she was studying how different groups of people were using technology. Later on, we talked about how technology and mass surveillance are being used to fight COVID-19. Genevieve explained solutions we’re seeing in around the world and the trade-offs.

In 2013 Genevieve was the recipient of the Women of Vision Abie Award for Leadership. Abie Awards are presented by AnitaB.org, a global nonprofit with a goal of reaching 50/50 gender equity in tech by  2025. Abie awards honor and celebrate women who have led technical innovations and made a notable impact on business or society through technology. This episode is part of a series of show that highlight the work of previous Abie Award Winners.

For more information about the Abie Awards, go to anitab.org

Genevieve Bell (1)
Genevieve Bell





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