Human-Robot Interaction with Kate Darling

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As more robots are available in the market, we are seeing the different ways in which humans can interact with them. Some people think robots are alive they even feel bad when a Roomba gets stuck. Other people find robots that look a lot like humans scary. Kate Darling, Research Specialist at the MIT Media Lab explains the different types of human-robot interactions. We talked about how the design of the robot affects how it is perceived and the role of the person’s culture. At the end we talked about questions that lawmakers will need to address in this space.

Kate Darling, Research Specialist at the MIT Media Lab



Show Notes:

Kate Darling

Why Google’s Personality Patent is not good for Robotics


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Music: The Prion (Jeff Meyerson), host of Software Engineering Daily

Audio Production: Eusebio Sanchez, Producer and Award-Winning Marimba player

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