Abie Award Series: Natural Language Processing (Thamar Solorio)

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Natural language processing is used across many different systems that people interact with. It can help us extract information and get insights from data. Thamar Solorio, Associate Professor at the University of Houston explained what Natural Language Processing or NLP consists of. We talked about how systems use it and different approaches of implementing it. Thamar explained how NLP is used to determine the author of a text and some applications for this system.

In 2014 Thamar was the recipient of the Emerging Leader Award. Abie Awards are presented by AnitaB.org, a global nonprofit with a goal of reaching 50/50 gender equity in tech by  2025. Abie awards honor and celebrate women who have led technical innovations and made a notable impact on business or society through technology. This episode is part of a series of show that highlight the work of previous Abie Award Winners.

For more information about the Abie Awards, go to anitab.org


Show notes:

  • AnitaB.org was formerly known as Anita Borg Institute.
  • Grace Hopper Conference refers to Grace Hopper Celebration.




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